是一个 Emacs 包,可以让你用
Emacs 来写 Blog,支持多站点配置。
安装也很简单,可以通过 来安装,也可以去 下载最新的版本,放到 load-path 中,然
后在配置文件中加上 (require ‘weblogger) 就 OK 了。
WebloggerMode 还依赖了 XmlRpc,这个也可以通过 ELPA 来安装。
安装好以后,先 M-x weblogger-setup-weblog 来设置一下 blog 站点,关键是把
“Server Endpoint” 设置对就行了。
下面是一些常见 blog 平台的 Server Endpoint:
Wordpress: http://BLOG-URL/xmlrpc.php (For, this is For a blog hosted at it would be
MovableType: http://CGI-URL/mt-xmlrpc.cgi. If your CGI root is then the Server Endpoint would be
Drupal: Enable the Blogger API and use http://DRUPAL-URL/xmlrpc.php
(like WordPress).
把站点配置好以后,就可以用 M-x weblogger-start-entry 来写文章了。
;; C-x C-s — post-and-publish current buffer to the weblog.
;; Calling weblogger-publish-entry with an prefix argument
;; (i.e. C-u C-x C-s) will prompt for which weblog
;; to use.
;; C-c C-c — save as draft and bury the buffer.
;; C-c C-n — post (but not publish) the current entry and
;; load the next entry.
;; C-c C-p — post (but not publish) the current entry and
;; load the previous entry.
;; C-c C-k — delete the current entry.
;; M-g — synchronise weblogger.el’s idea of the entries available
;; with the weblog server.
;; C-c C-t m — edit the main template.
;; C-c C-t a — edit the Archive Index template
;; C-c C-s s — Change the server being used.
;; C-c C-s w — Change the weblog.
;; C-c C-s u — Change the user (re-login).

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